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Commodore 64 Programmer’s Reference Guide (First Edition Eleventh Printing 1984):

Quote Mode - PRINT - Chapter 2 BASIC Language Vocabulary pp. 72-75
Screen Editor - Chapter 2 BASIC Language Vocabulary pp. 94-97
Appendix B Screen Display Codes pp. 376-378
Appendix C ASCII and CHR$ Codes pp. 379-381’s_Reference_Guide.pdf

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Commodore 64 Fonts - kreativekorp․com
In Pet Me 64, Pet Me 64 2Y, Pet Me 128, and Pet Me 128 2Y, code points 0xE000-0xE1FF encode the complete Commodore 64 character set.

Commodore 64 Font - dafont․com
Commodore key (À 0192 U+00C0)

C64 TrueType (TTF) Fonts - style64․org
Style’s C64 TrueType package is our effort at a complete and proper TrueType (TTF) representation of the C64 glyph set.

Software (for macOS):

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UnicodeChecker - earthlingsoft․net

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PETSCII General Info & Tools:


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Typography in 8 bits: System fonts - damieng․com
My love of typography originated in the 80’s with the golden years of 8-bit home computing and their 8×8 pixel monospaced fonts on low-resolution displays. It’s quite easy to find bitmap copies of these fonts and also scalable traced TTF versions but there’s very little discussion about the fonts themselves. Let’s remedy that by firing up some emulators and investigating the glyphs.


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